Quitting Does Not Mean It’s Over

In January 2022, I decided to leave a life I was used to for at least 5 years. I ‘had it all’ according to popular opinion. Good job, great housing, nice friends… What was missing then?

I lost myself on the way. Slowly the little things that made me happy vanished throughout the years. Yeah, we all had that year that I’m not going to mention.

I used to work for a big corporation, as many people know. And yes, I feel grateful because I got to know many people and gathered experience throughout the years. But big corporations take advantage of the Latino work culture, let me expand on this.

We, raised and living in ‘third world countries’ see work as an opportunity, rather than an exchange of time or experience for money. Because yeah, money IS important. We are told to be loyal to our employer because they ‘gave you the chance’ and it’s widely seen whenever you don’t fit or commit to that belief.

I, as a Venezuelan immigrant, was so committed to that culture treat that I prioritized my work above my own life, for a long time. This made me slowly hate what I was doing, getting a wage that was barely enough to survive in Panama City, just because ‘I should be grateful’.

Over the last quarter of 2021, I had to stop and think if it actually made sense to stay in something just because of pure ego, considering what people thought was a successful path already. I decided I would quit and start working towards more creative businesses and art for myself.

Today, October 2022, I have traveled to about 7 countries, reconnected with friends and family, and started working on my creative projects and on the dreams that had faded away that time before I took the step. So… Does quitting mean it’s over?

Absolutely not. Allow yourself to try something new, check up on your dreams, and work towards that. It does not have to do with work at all, it could be a relationship, a business, or a bad habit. Give yourself a chance to start something new by dedicating the energy and time you need. It will always be more gratifying to know you did what you could have done.

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